• World Soil Day

    Kevin planting his seeds for World Soil Day
    Jenny celebrating World Soil Day

    Food is one of the most important things we need to survive…

    but how do we get food?
    •  One of the ways we get food is from the earth through soil!
    •  We plant crops like corn, wheat and rice into the soil and harvest them when they have matured.
  • We then eat these crops (after cooking them of course) or feed them to animals to help them grow as well. 

     To keep growing healthy food, we need to develop ways to keep our soil fertile such as composting.

     Soil is a finite natural resource that we are unable to create more of and every living thing needs healthy soil to survive.

     Even the fish in the sea get nutrients and minerals from the water that passes through the soil!

     We should make an effort to take care of our soil that we have so that it will last for many, many years to come.

    • Did You Know

      that 95% of the food we eat is produced on our soils!

    • Did You Know

      Soil is VERY important to people and animals. It is so important that the United Nations declared December 5th World Soil Day!

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