Universal Children’s Day


Across the globe, children are deprived of their basic, every day rights.

  •  Can you imagine not being able to go to school?
  •  Or not getting any medicine when you are sick?

For many children, this is their sad reality and they are unable to seek help or do any better on their own.

Universal Children’s Day reminds us of all the impoverished children in the world and pushes us to help them thrive and grow into their full potential.

You may have a dream and feel unable to achieve it without the support of your family; be the family these children need. This year, the United Nations aims to have children performing important roles that will promote the betterment of children all over the world.

Teachers, police officers, news anchors, you name it, children can and will do it.


Child New Anchor
Child as Teacher
Child as Nurse

You don’t need to be an adult to change the world: you are an inspiration at any age! Inspire others around you to appreciate children and help them feel loved, safe, and capable of succeeding.

What are YOU doing to celebrate Universal Children’s Day?

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