• Remembrance Day

  • In Trinidad and Tobago we observe Remembrance/Memorial Day on November 11th.

    Around 1918 the Mayor of Port of Spain at the time put forward the idea of a memorial site for the many brave soldiers who left Trinidad and Tobago to fight for the British against their enemies. Everyone voted yes to the project but it was not completed until sometime later.

    When the statue was eventually erected, it served to commemorate the passing of soldiers who took part in World War I, and those of our Trinbago heroes who fell in World War II were also added to the memorial later on.

    Every year there is a Military parade on Remembrance Day after which they lay wreaths of flowers at the foot of the Cenotaph statue in Memorial Park in Trinidad, and in St. James Park in Tobago.

    Poppy flowers are worn in honour of the soldiers who have died and are seen on the uniforms of many of our defense force men and women. 

    You too can wear a poppy pin in memory of those soldiers who have passed and in support of those still standing.

  • Interesting Fact

    Did you know that there is a time capsule inside of the Cenotaph Statue?
    The time capsule contains newspaper clippings and coins that were in use at the time.

  • Memorial Park


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