• About Us

    Our Mission Statement:

    Trinbagokidscorner is a web based company dedicated to providing a safe and entertaining place where kids can learn and grow.   We are a result oriented company that focuses on the needs of our users.  It’s our priority to ensure that our stakeholders generate favourable results and continuous growth whilst creating a friendly, family oriented work environment.   We encouraged new ideas and foster respect for all.

    Our Vision Statement:

    Our responsibility is to nurture and encourage positive and healthy attitudes as we contribute towards building a society that is sufficiently smart, culturally rich, emotionally strong and psychologically proficient.  We will maximize technologies that empower and excite to the benefit of continuously improving and upgrading our online image, services.

    Our Principles:

     We will demonstrate kindness to our environment and self in our day to day operations, and will actively play a role in leading green and healthy initiatives that will sensitize those around.   

     We believe ‘that children are our future’ and our goal is to expose our Caribbean kids to the world outside of our region through various platforms including international collaborations, events, owned content and monitored exposure. 

     Our vision is to become the industry leaders as a safe online resource for all kids in our hemisphere, and the go-go place for kids worldwide interested in our region.  We endeavour to never lose focus of our watch words- ‘engage, entertain and educate’ and to stay true to the old adage that kids will always be kids, so as we grow we will remain focused on online safety and relevance.

    Our Story

    Trinbagokidscorner.com was born from genuine need by a parent working alongside their standard 3 child on a sports related school assigned.  Hours later (and countless web searches after) it was painstakingly revealed that there was a lack of information available about our country in one source.  After a bit of research this need/frustration quickly turned into opportunity!   Fast forward a few years later, countless research hours and a dedicated team and we’re here. 

    www.trinbagokidscorner.com is a haven for all things children. We pride ourselves in being the place parents can trust for their child’s holistic development. Through our broad scope of services, our website encompasses the ability to entertain, educate, network, stimulate and engage the children who choose us, all in a healthy and highly supervised environment. And we’re not forgotten those hands-on parents, there’s also a Parent Zone which features tools that allow you to find services like babysitters, homework supervision etc.   Through this feature, parents enjoy networking with other parents and free access to shopping for a wide range of products and services that appeal to the entire family.


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  • Briney
    Friday, 14th October, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Great internet site! It looks extremely good! Keep up the good.

    • admin
      Tuesday, 25th October, 2016 at 1:34 pm

      Thank you so much! We really appreciate your feedback :)


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