• Getting to School safely

    Get to School safety

    How do you get to school every morning? Do your parents take you? Do you make use of public transportation services? Do your parents hire someone to take you to and from your school? Though your own situation might be different, we could all benefit from observing some basic precautions to keep ourselves safe.

    To start with –

    Always ensure you have a plan to get there and back.

    Never leave home not knowing exactly how you will get to school and back. If in doubt, ask your parents.
    Ensure you have enough money for taxi or maxi fare if you need it. If you have someone who picks you up and drops you off, ensure you know where and when to wait for them.

    If you can, try to always have a little spare money tucked away, just in case anything goes wrong with your spending plan. Not too much money, but enough to ensure you will always be able to make it home safely.

    Have a backup plan.

    Sometimes it happens that you may be working on an assignment at school, need to use the bathroom, or just lose track of time. What will you do if you end up missing your usual transportation home?

    If you usually take a taxi or maxi, you may be late. Do you have a way to contact your home to let your family know not to worry when you do not return home at a certain time? If you usually need to be on time for your transportation or else be left behind, you may find yourself in a tricky situation.

    The best thing to do is prepare beforehand. Don’t wait until an unfortunate event to talk about what to do next time, but speak with your parents to make a backup plan that is right for you before you are in any danger.

    Never get into a vehicle that you don’t know.

    If you have a routine about getting to and from school and you find yourself looking at an unfamiliar face or vehicle coming to collect you, you should be very wary. If your parents did not tell you directly to expect a change in your transportation arrangement, do not go along with it. Don’t listen to the new person, even if they seem harmless if they tell you that your parents say it’s okay. Ensure that you hear from your parents directly, if not in person, then at least by phone call.

    If you usually take a maxi or taxi, you may notice vehicles that you don’t usually see on your route. Vehicles do come and go on routes so this is normal. Avoid getting into the newest ones though, especially if the driver seems very focused on you.

    Remember, whenever you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, find yourself in a safe place – like with a parent, teacher, uniformed police officer, or trusted adult and let them know. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on why, tell someone that you feel uncomfortable so that they can help you. Your safety should always be the number one priority!

    You can also check out our quick tip checklist to help you with ensuring your safety:


    There are lots of other safety precautions you can take depending on your own plan for travel. Talk to your parents, teachers, and friends for some more good ideas, and share them on your profile so other kids can learn too! 

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